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Sexploratorium's Museum of Sex

On August 3rd, 2024, Denver will welcome an exciting addition to its cultural landscape with the grand opening of the state’s first museum of sex: the only one for a thousand miles any direction.  Following in the footsteps of Las Vegas and New York City, Denver is poised to become a hub for comprehensive sexual education and exploration.


Located within The Sexploratorium, a renowned center for adult sex education, the museum will occupy the classroom and event center, complementing its existing features such as a bookstore, retail shop, and erotic art gallery. The Museum of Sex will cover a wide array of topics crucial to understanding human sexuality, including sexual anatomy, fertility, sexual orientation, gender, history of sex toys, sex work, history of pornography, birth control, and kink.


The museum is one more step along The Sexploratorium’s path toward becoming a driving force in the comprehensive sex ed movement, exemplified by its recent hosting of a national conference for sex education at the University of Denver. This groundbreaking event brought together professionals from academia, healthcare, and kink communities, highlighting the center's commitment to inclusive and science-based sexual education.


Emphasizing science-based resources, this museum underscores the importance of accurate information and education in promoting sexual health and wellness within our community. With its diverse exhibits and informative displays, the Sexploratorium’s Museum of Sex aims to foster open dialogue and empower individuals to make informed choices about their sexual health.


Join us in celebrating this milestone for Denver and the broader sexual education movement!



Our mission is to provide accessible, fun, and interactive science-based

sex education!


We are working towards a world where people are knowledgeable about their bodies and how they work. We aim to be a place where all people can learn about sexuality in a safe, comfortable atmosphere and see their own bodies and experience reflected.

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