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How did we get here?

As long-time professors, we found that one of the most important classes were the ones that dealt with taboo subjects. Nothing in our culture is more taboo than an honest, scientifically-based, shame-free discussion of sex. We saw the impact these classes had on our students. It was truly transformative to all! We felt this experience should be for everyone and not just college students. All people can benefit from understanding the human body better and being able to ask questions in a safe and reliable environment. We hope you will join us and make your sex life better!

 About Us

Denver's Sexploratorium is a great place to learn about how our bodies work and human sexuality.  We offer innovative lectures, active learning experiences, meet-ups, and workshops throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a date or a great date night, wanting to expand your understanding of human anatomy or kink, The Sexploratorium has everything you need for a thrilling time out! All classes and events happen in-person at our primary location of 1800 S. Broadway, Denver, CO.

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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Mission Statement

We are a queer-owned center for adult sex education. Our goal is to provide safe and accurate information about human sexuality in an entertaining and memorable way. Each of us has a right to understand how our bodies work and function throughout our lifetimes. Our overall goal is to increase the understanding of this fundamentally important aspect of human behavior, the realm of sexuality. The more we know, the more enjoyable the experience can be. Ultimately, our goal is to make sex better for everyone! 

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