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In-Person Inclusion Training

Would you like us to come to your business to train your employees? We can do that! Contact us now to schedule a training.

Whether you are in the medical field, mental health, education, emergency services, law enforcement, or have a business that involves the public, you and your employees could benefit from an in-person training by one of our experts at the Sexploratorium. We believe in fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and support. Our in-person training programs are designed to help businesses and organizations across the Denver area create more compassionate and understanding environments for their clients and colleagues.

A sample of classes available:

Consent and Boundaries

Showing Respect for Your Gender-Diverse Clientele

Reviewing the Standards of Care for Transgender Clients

Basic Overview of Queer and Gender Issues

How to Best Support Your Queer Clients

Talking to Kids About Sex and Gender

How to Support Someone Who Has Experienced Sex Assault

Erasing Shame from Sex

Understanding the Biology of Gender

And More!

These sessions generally last 2-4 hours and can be done during the work day at your place of business. Call now to schedule a meaningful, memorable, and relevant training experience! 

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