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Our adventures so far...

Having only started in June 2023, we have been busy!


SlutWalk Denver 2023

We met the best people and marched proudly down Hooker Street! Long-live sluts!

Is that OUR boob nestled in your bosom? How wonderful!

Signs make the march

Stina and Fawn march for the rights of everyone to be sexually free without stigma!

Our first big public event was the Pride Market hosted by the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver. It was an awesome event and was attended by our Governor, Jared Polis. Hooray for the wonderfulness of Colorado!

Pride Market

Family Time!

Even our children came to the event and had a great time! They helped promote the business and gave their moms support. Thanks kids!

You've Got a Friend

Many people stopped by our booth, both new friends and treasured friends. Thanks for all of your support!

Pride Parade

We had a great time this year camped out on Colfax providing parade goers with free water, stickers, and more!

So many wonderful things for sale! You can get them now through the website!

Trivia Time!

People won a host of prizes by answering our trivia questions! See people's responses on our TikTok account!

Just chillin in a boob shirt...

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