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Tue, Mar 12



Oxytocin: Understanding the Love Hormone

How does the hormone Oxytocin rule our lives? Explore how relationships of all kinds are dictated by this little chemical.

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Oxytocin: Understanding the Love Hormone
Oxytocin: Understanding the Love Hormone

Time & Location

Mar 12, 2024, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Denver, 1800 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, USA


About the event

Welcome to the Sexploratorium's captivating class, "Oxytocin: Understanding the Love Hormone." Delve into the fascinating world of neurochemistry and explore the profound role of oxytocin in shaping our experiences of love, bonding, and intimacy.

Oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone" or "bonding hormone," plays a pivotal role in human relationships and social connections. From fostering feelings of trust and empathy to enhancing bonding between partners and caregivers, oxytocin influences a myriad of emotional and physiological responses.

This class offers a comprehensive exploration of oxytocin's biological mechanisms, shedding light on its synthesis, release, and effects on the brain and body. Through engaging lectures, interactive demonstrations, and multimedia presentations, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how oxytocin influences our perceptions, behaviors, and relationships.

Discover the intricate interplay between oxytocin and various aspects of human bonding, including romantic love, parental attachment, and social bonding. Explore cutting-edge research that illuminates oxytocin's role in modulating stress, promoting prosocial behavior, and shaping our experiences of intimacy and connection.

Moreover, "Oxytocin: Understanding the Love Hormone" invites participants to explore the implications of oxytocin research for enhancing interpersonal relationships, communication, and well-being. Learn practical strategies for boosting oxytocin levels naturally and cultivating deeper connections with others.

Whether you're a curious individual interested in the science of love, a healthcare professional seeking to deepen your understanding of human bonding, or simply someone intrigued by the mysteries of oxytocin, this class offers valuable insights into the biological underpinnings of love and intimacy.

Join us as we journey into the inner workings of the human brain and explore the profound impact of oxytocin on our experiences of love, connection, and emotional well-being. Gain a newfound appreciation for the complexities of human relationships and the remarkable power of the love hormone.

About the Instructor: Fawn O’Breitzman has been a college professor for over 20 years. She specializes in issues of Sex and Gender and presents at conferences all around the country. She does inclusion training for businesses and has worked with everyone from hospitals to construction yards to help companies make sure they are providing the best and most respectful care to their clients. She is a lesbian, a teacher, and a parent, and specializes in taking hard to understand biological concepts and making it understandable to everyone. 


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